BODY: 9’6” Long, 2.5 to 3.8 cubic yard capacity; 12” tall sides with 18” tall tailgate (100% continuous welded); 50,000 PSI high strength steel throughout

FRONT END: 40” integral one piece bulkhead with pressed horizontal stiffener and tapered ¼ cab shield, window cut-out, and full depth front corner pillars; 10 gauge 50,000 PSI high strength steel

SIDES: 12 gauge 50,000 PSI high strength steel, fold down sides with three (3) hidden greaseable hinges, (3) bend dirt shedding top rail with 2” I.D. board pockets front and rear, sloping bottom rail, and no vertical or horizontal braces. Single lever locking cam over mechanism with lever and connecting rods boxed in. Fixed sides also available

TAILGATE: 10 gauge 50,000 PSI high strength steel inner panel and 12 gauge 50,000 PSI high strength steel outer panel. Top of tailgate to be dirt shedding with manual tailgate release, standard 2-way operation, quick release levers on each rear corner post, over lock hardware, and 5/16” drop and spreader chains

TAILGATE HARDWARE: Over center locking hardware with manual handle at left front of body

FLOOR: 7 gauge A1011 steel (2) bend floor with 6” deep rear apron at rear of body

UNDERSTRUCTURE: 7” tall 7 gauge grade 50 steel one piece trapezoidal long sills, crossmemberless design

LIGHT SYSTEM: Recessed grommet mounted rear marker/clearance lamps in rear corner posts, angled. Three lamp ID bar above rear hitch

PAINT: Sandblasted, prepped, and cleaned. Primer painted with high impact resistant urethane light gray primer with a top coat of single stage urethane paint


Rugby Manufacturing’s
Eliminator LP Dump Body is the industry leader in Class 3-5.

Featuring a sleek, streamlined style and designed for maximum durability, these units are available in 9′ to 12′ lengths with 12 and 17" side height options. Units come equipped with a sloped 1/4 cab shield that has a slotted viewing window. The patented EZ – LATCH™ system is also included for easy tailgate operation and maximum safety.